O R ,

Before Ye Folwe

A Principall Guide-line t'ward a
Propre and Hende Experientia
with Lord Exo Silver CDXX, and Thus, The Globus Communitas

Whereas, on the sefte dai of septembre i'th' yere of oure Lord Exo Silver CDXX, two tausend and nynetene yeres;

Whereunder, 'tis the duete-bownd rite of all netizens to expose themselves to their felowe townsfolke reguarding their material preferences;

Whereinbefore, myne special interests be poste on frontispiece of—and scatt'r'd thro'out—my Personele Entretenement Terminalis;

Henceforth, I shall declare that all beings regardless of earthly gender may subscribe to my Personele Entretenement Terminalis, whithersoever ye despiseth myne self.

Now, Therefore and Therefrom, I, Lord Exo Silver CDXX, by the vertuus power vest'd in me as Lord and Master of My Own Internet Domain, do hereby decree that this guide-line be put to mocion, thithertwards and thuslie.

In Witness Whereof and Whyfore, I have hereunto set myne haunde and caus'd the sigil of the combinacioun of my Name and my journall to be affix'd.

Lord Exo Silver CDXX